Tahrir Generation — the film




Tahrir Generation — Film to be released in 2016 from Rayuela Productions on Vimeo.

Revolution, where are you? While Egypt is going through a period marked with the return of « deep state » and discouragement, if not despair, one could wonder what has really changed in the country since the popular uprising of January 2011 which sparked the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak. The answer may lie in the hands of the nation’s youth. They represent more than a quarter of the population, but have long considered themselves as a powerless minority, excluded from active life, economy, marriage and politics. But since the mobilisation born in Tahrir square, they are willing to question the State’s authority, so as the father’s one, to incriminate traditional social relation’s yoke and assert themselves through culture, activism or simply through their daily life, as their state of mind now deeply differs from that of the earlier generations.
In five years, since the beginning of their political commitment, the lives of Soleyfa, Ammar, Eman and Kirilos has been turned upside down. Tahrir Generation draws an intimate portrait of an emerging generation who chose emancipation over Patriarch’ tyranny.

Director: Pauline Beugnies
Images: Hervé Verloes, Joan Roels, Pauline Beugnies
Sound: Marion Guénard
Editing: Pauline Beugnies, Laurence Buelens and Hindi Mes
Motion design: Jean Forest
Color grading: Santi Ploussos
Music: Grégory Vandamme
Mixing: Laurence Buelens
Translation: Hicham Ezzat